Relevant, Properly Maintained and Good to Go

Being part of a major aviation group has certain advantages...

Our training fleet is cared for by the legendary Air Atlantique team, so you know you're flying an aircraft that's received the same meticulous care that their magnificent collection of demanding classics enjoy.

We operate a considered range of types to give you strong, relevant hours in an aircraft that's suited to the stage of your training. We can even put you into a taildragger-converted Cessna 152 if you want to add tailwheel experience to your CV.

The backbone of our UK single engine fleet consists of Piper PA28 Warrior, Arrow and Robin 200 types. Your multi engine flying will be with the brilliant Piper PA44 Seminole, widely acknowledged to be the best twin-engined trainer on the planet. It's a great ME conversion choice thanks to features like the contra-rotating props, which mean that there's no critical engine for your asymmetric lessons.

The PA44 is available to you both in the UK and the US, helping you to adjust and keeping you current right through your course. It's backed in Florida by the Cessna 172 Skyhawks.

Robin HR200

Robin HR200

The Robin's a fun plane to fly, and the visibility is just outstanding. It's surprisingly quick too - close to a Piper Arrow, despite the fixed gear.

Piper PA44 Seminole

Piper PA28 Warrior and Arrow

These two types provide a perfect progression from fixed to retractable gear, continuing to strong familiarity when moving up to the PA44

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

It's become a legend over a history that spans six decades. The C172 is the world's most popular aircraft, with more than 43,000 having been produced. If you've flown one then you already know why. It's as dependable as the sunrise and tough as a met exam. But it's not just a practical workhorse, it's a lot more fun to fly than anything this sensible has any right to be.

Nearly sixty years of constant development make it an entirely modern classic.

Piper PA44 Seminole

Piper PA44 Seminole

The Seminole is the perfect twin-engined trainer. Simple enough for conversion from single engine, and complex enough to present the right degree of training, it's a delight to fly.

Designed expressly for the training role, the PA44 dominates the multi-engine training arena for very good reason. It has thoughtful features such as contra-rotating engines to simplify single-engine handling and eliminate the critical engine obstacle. You'll love it.

  • FAA and EASA licences give you global certification

  • Jet conversion (Type Rating)

  • MCC/JOC included

  • Upset recovery training

  • Finance available

  • Guaranteed Interview
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