A Splendid Campus

You're going to be working hard, so we think you need to be able to relax in comfort at the end of a tough day. Our Florida campus is at New Smyrna Beach Airport, but you'll be staying nearby at the Lyme Stone Ranch.

We wouldn't expect you to rough it in a place where we wouldn't be happy to stay ourselves, so we think you're going to like the Ranch! Your house will have its own fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, Internet and a comfortable lounge where you can lean back and unwind.

But if you're looking for more acitivity, then there's an outdoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a lighted tennis or cricket court and - this is the USA after all - a basketball court. There's a fitness centre that's open 24 hours a day, and 20 acres of beautiful grounds for jogging or a gentle stroll.

You can't work non-stop every day, so you'll have breaks to explore - we even organise field trips so that you can get a little tourism in while you're working towards your licence.

Not only does Florida enjoy the dream climate for flying - with more flyable days per year than just about anywhere else - it's a great place to be as well. This is a working trip, but we don't see why you shouldn't be allowed a little fun too!


  • FAA and EASA licences give you global certification

  • Jet conversion (Type Rating)

  • MCC/JOC included

  • Upset recovery training

  • Finance available

  • Guaranteed Interview
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