Financing Your Commercial Pilot Training Course


A full pilot training course, from your initial PPL to graduation as a globally qualified commercial pilot, constitutes a sizeable outlay. In fairness, it's not so different from the cost of qualifying as a doctor or a lawyer, but the COMMAND approach concentrates the whole process into not much over a year. That's great news as far as your career's concerned: it takes the best part of ten years to train as a doctor, while you're in a position to be out there earning an excellent salary in a fraction of that time - and seeing a lot more of the world as you do it!

But it does also condense the costs of your training into a similarly short time. So we want to help you spread some of the cost without delaying your new career. You concentrate on becoming a successful commercial pilot and we'll try to take the sting out of financing your course.

We've teamed up with ATPL Finance, who specialise in financing pilot training. They're a fully licensed UK credit broker, working with a UK bank to provide you with a payment schedule that's tailored to your course.

We selected ATPL as our finance partners because we know them well. We appreciate the fact that they're pilots themselves, and they offer a valuable guarantee to protect you and your investment. Because we work closely together the whole process of application and funding is easy, quick and uncomplicated.

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  • FAA and EASA licences give you global certification

  • Jet conversion (Type Rating)

  • MCC/JOC included

  • Upset recovery training

  • Finance available

  • Guaranteed Interview
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