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Like almost every other site on the web, we use cookies to make our website operate the way you'd expect it to. There's nothing underhand or intrusive about this, and your privacy is not threatened by any of the cookies that we use.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are tiny files stored by your browser (A browser is the piece of software you use to view the World Wide Web. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari are all examples of browsers). Most cookies are simple text files (as ours are), so it's impossible for them to carry viruses, and your browser's own security does a great deal to police how they operate. They're stored in a specific area on your machine and have to adhere to strict rules. You can look at the cookies on your machine by using your browser's settings. All browsers have their own way of doing this, so check the Help for the one you're using.

How Cookies Work

The World Wide Web is designed to protect your security and privacy. For example, when you access a website, the server providing you with the page your requested has no method of knowing who you are. When you ask for another page on the same site, the server doesn't know that you're the person who just read the home page.

This is inconvenient though when you need to carry information from one page to another. If you buy something online you'll store your intended purchases in a shopping basket, then move on to a secure connection to enter your payment details. You wouldn't want to have to re-enter what you're ordering every time you move on. To save you the trouble, your progress through the site is saved in a cookie so that each new page can access the choices you've made.

The cookies that we use for this purpose contain only information relating to this site, and are not personally identifiable. They expire and are deleted from your machine within 30 minutes of your leaving the site.

Statistical Cookies

We may use cookies in order to gain usage information about the way people access our website. These cookies are supplied by Google for their analytics program. We'll gather anonymous data such as what key phrase you used to find us, what pages on our site you visited and so on. This is very important for us to keep improving our site and giving you a better-tailored experience. At no point do we access any information that allows us to identify you personally, nor do we see any other sites you've visited (If you've reached us by clicking a link from another website then we may get to know the site that referred you to us).

You can view Google's cookie policy by clicking here.

Cookies expire and are deleted automatically from your machine, so they're most unlikely to cause you storage problems. They're tiny and, used ethically as we do, collect absolutely no personally identifiable information. They do no harm, and make the web work better for you. The only time that we collect personally identifiable information is when you volunteer it to us via an enquiry. Even then we'll only use the information as you would expect. You can learn more about this aspect by reading our privacy policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of cookies, please contact us.


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