The Global Qualification

You want the very best pilot training, because only the best trained pilots have the opportunity to be in command. Thanks to our uniquely designed course modules you'll achieve both EASA and FAA certification in the shortest time possible. Your global qualification, allied to important additions like upset recovery training will place you in a strong position when it comes to your interviews with operators.

Guaranteed Interview

But we aren't content just to leave it at that. We also guarantee you a preferential interview with an operator, where you'll be meeting people who already understand the COMMAND ethos, and are eager to meet graduates of the highly regarded academy who recommended you. We'll even coach you on how to shine at the interview, so you'll graduate with a flying start to your first airline job.

The UK opening phase of the course takes place primarily at our headquarters in Coventry, followed by your EASA Class 1 medical at Gatwick. We start the whole process off with a detailed introduction and a McQuaig test to reassure us both that a career in aviation is right for you.

If you don't continue to graduation then this element is free of charge.

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The first stage of your actual training is in Florida, with your FAA PPL. This consists of:

45 hours dual (Cessna 172 S/P - single engine)

5 hours Pilot in Command (Cessna 172 - single engine)

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Now onto your single engine Instrument Rating. This consists of:

25 hours dual (Cessna 172 S/P - single engine)

15 hours FRASCA (Simulator)

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Working towards your hours required:

160 hours Pilot in Command

(EASA = 80)

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Moving it up a gear, we're onto a multi-engine retractable with the PA44 Seminole. You'll really enjoy this part!

6 hours dual (Piper PA44 - multi engine)

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Back in the UK for a few weeks. Now you finalise your conversion for an EASA ticket.

20 hours dual (Piper PA44 - multi engine)

20 hours FRASCA (Simulator)

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This is a fairly intense session, but you come out of it as a qualified commercial pilot with an FAA licence. There's still a little way to go, but look what you've already accomplished!

30 hours dual (Piper PA44 - multi engine) FAA

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You've done the hard part, so now it's just a case of a short conversion course to add your EASA qualification to your FAA CPL.

8 hours dual (Piper PA44 - multi engine) FAA

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This is a vital part of your COMMAND advantage.

You'll complete a JOC module and achieve a jet type rating, then add upset recovery training to the list of desirable pluses on your CV.

It's rare for these important attributes to be part of a commercial pilot's training course, so you'll be in a powerful position when you take your new skills to the marketplace.

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Now the story really starts. You're about to enter the market as a newly qualified commercial pilot.

We've given you plenty of advantages, but you're still not on your own. We'll prepare you for - and set you up with - an interview with one of our operator partners. They know the value of your COMMAND training, and they're ready to lend a sympathetic ear for a friendly interview, with the possibility of a real job. And we'll have coached you beforehand to make sure you shine.

Good luck, and clear skies!

  • FAA and EASA licences give you global certification

  • Jet conversion (Type Rating)

  • MCC/JOC included

  • Upset recovery training

  • Finance available

  • Guaranteed Interview
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