Being in COMMAND

Command Pilot Training has been teaching pilots of all levels for nearly 30 years now, and we’ve learned a few things on our journey. Firstly, we don’t believe in forcing you to do your training in a way that doesn’t suit you, your work commitments, your family life or your budget. That’s why we’ve developed two methods to get you through your professional training.

You can do a full time intensive course between the ideal training environments we’ve created in Florida and in Coventry over a duration of about 15 months. Alternatively, you can do a course at your pace, full time or otherwise, based solely here at Coventry in the UK. More details can be found here.

Whichever way you decide to go about your training, you can be confident that we’ll have designed a course bespoke to your needs – putting you firmly in command of your career.

Is it the Career for You?

The journey ahead requires a lot of commitment for both of us. So the first stage is for us to get to know one another and make absolutely certain that we're all making the right decisions. We'll invite you to spend the day with us here at our Coventry base. You'll have a chance to meet the team, have a look around our UK base and learn exactly what it's like in COMMAND.

While you're here we'll set up a McQuaig suitability test for you. Don't worry, it's nothing intimidating, but we've found this to be hugely helpful in matching people to careers. Nowhere is that more important than it is for an airline pilot. If all goes well and you enrol with the academy, this test is included in your tuition fees. If you decide not to proceed then there's no charge.


The Florida Connection

Much of your pilot training will take place in Florida, giving you a foretaste of the international lifestyle of the commercial pilot! But that's not why we chose Florida; it's an ideal location for completing an intensive commercial pilot's course. The weather is generally superb, so there are far more flyable days than we can expect here in the UK. That's important because you can complete your training far faster and your last flight is always fresh in your mind. It's far easier to learn when you're flying almost every day.

You're in America, so it makes absolute sense for you to obtain an FAA qualification, but your Command course is primarily there to get you, quickly and enjoyably, to your EASA ticket. So you train to European standards, and collect a hugely valuable FAA licence along the way.

All that superb weather allows us to pack more into your course, so you'll have other important additions to your CV when it's time to apply for your first job as a pilot. First and foremost of course will be your multi-crew cooperation and jet orientation certificates. But added to that will be your detailed upset recovery training, proof positive that you're a safer pilot.

And of course, it's hardly torture to spend time in that beautiful climate, working on a superb student campus and living close by in your own luxury housing with on-site swimming, exercise and leisure facilities. You'll spend your time among friendly, like-minded people who'll help you to fit in some fun between all the hard work.

  • FAA and EASA licences give you global certification

  • Jet conversion (Type Rating)

  • MCC/JOC included

  • Upset recovery training

  • Finance available

  • Guaranteed Interview
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