You're entering a competitive world

You graduated with flying colours and you're feeling pretty good about starting your new career as a commercial pilot. But don't let anyone tell you that the next steps will be easy; you're not the only recently qualified pilot out there looking for a job, so expect some strong competition.

You're starting out with a few advantages of course. For a start, you're a COMMAND trained pilot. You've graduated from an academy with more than 25 years' worth of impeccable track record - the preferred provider for many first-line operators. Add to that your upset training, your global licence and the commitment you've shown by achieving your tickets in record time and you're already a strong candidate.

But it's not enough, so we'll offer a lot more than just that.

Jet Type Rating

You want to stand out from other recently qualified commercial pilots, so here's an advantage that will make a huge difference. Part of your COMMAND course is a jet conversion module that will allow you to show a jet type rating, usually on a Cessna Citation. With that mark on your CV you'll be in a position enjoyed by very few of your competitors.

Interview Preparation

We work closely with the operators themselves - in fact our group includes commercial operators - so we have up-to-date knowledge of exactly what the jobs market is looking for. We'll coach you thoroughly and carefully so that you say the right things and make the right impression. That's great news, but it can often be difficult just to get that all-important interview. So we'll start you off with a real interview for a real job, with an operator who understands the advantages of being a Command Pilot. An operator who needs your skills and who's eager to meet you.

The rest is up to you, but where else can you start your career with such tangible and guaranteed advantages?

Graduate student from Command Pilot Training

Why Your Outlook is Brighter Than the Rest

You have some very strong advantages on your side as a Command Pilot graduate. Use them wisely and you'll be the stand-out candidate for most jobs you apply for.

Global Commercial Licence

Most CPL holders have either an FAA or an EASA licence. You'll have a global qualification.

Upset Recovery Training

Missing from so many courses nowadays, upset recovery training means that you'll be one of the few candidates with experience of unfavourable situations.

Jet Conversion

You already have qualifying hours in your logbook on modern jets as part of your Command course. Can your competing graduate candidates offer that?

Guaranteed Interview

You know that you'll be in the Command seat with your live, real-job interview with one of our partner operators. This one's a huge advantage for you because you'll be talking to a friendly contact who knows that a Command Pilot graduate is someone out of the ordinary.

Don't forget that we'll also have coached you to shine at this and any other interview. When you you become a Command Pilot you're joining an academy that will be there to support you for your whole career.

  • FAA and EASA licences give you global certification

  • Jet conversion (Type Rating)

  • MCC/JOC included

  • Upset recovery training

  • Finance available

  • Guaranteed Interview
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